Lande Pictures provides photography, retouching, and production services to Chicago-based advertising agencies, promotional agencies, and corporations. Lande Pictures is owned and operated by Michael Lande. Michael is a talented photographer and Photoshop artist. As a child, Michael knew that he wanted to be a photographer. It all began when he picked up his first camera, a Polaroid Swinger at age 8. The magic of a picture developing in his hand intrigued Michael to pursue his lifelong dream. Now Michael no longer uses a Polaroid camera as digital is his preferred medium. Digital has the magical quality of seeing your photography immediately like working in the darkroom. Still in a dark room, but now on a large 30″ calibrated display.

Michael has developed his retouching skills starting with Photoshop 2.0 and is considered one of the Chicago area’s top retouchers for products, people, and everything else you can throw at him. His studio uses a color-calibrated and color-managed workflow to deliver RGB images for web and CMYK images for print. Also offered are G7 certified GRACoL Epson proofs. Michael has been delivering high-resolution RGB and CMYK files to his many happy clients. A partial client list includes McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Dole, Nabisco, Crate & Barrel, Kellogg’s, Taco Bell, Beam Brands, Miller, P & G, Wrigley, and Comcast.

Thank you for visiting Lande Pictures. f you need an estimate for photography or retouching please call 312-404-1593, email or fill in the contact page.