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iPhone photo

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Batch change file names with Apple Script

AppleScript Editor Script menu

AppleScript Editor Script menu

A friend and I were talking and she asked if I know how to change a batch of file names. I mentioned it’s simple with the Script Menu.

Is your Script menu in your menu bar? Here’s how to turn it on. Launch Apple Script Editor (~/Applications/Utilities/AppleScript Editor). In preferences choose “Show Script menu in menu bar”.

Now select all the files you want to rename, go to the Script menu:

Finder Script

Replace Text in Item Names

in the dialog box select “File Names”

in the dialog box “Enter text to find in the item names:” type the part on the name you want removed

in the dialog box “Enter replacement text:” type the new name

Do you want to just remove part of all the file names? You can do this too. Don’t insert any text in the last dialog box “Enter replacement text:”.

Alternatively if you choose the Script “Add to File Names” you can add text as prefix or suffix to your files.

Have fun and be careful with this. There’s no undo!

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What’s up with Microsoft Expression Media?

Has Microsoft killed a great product? The professional photographers who rely on this product to manage their extensive image libraries are extremely worried. No news from Microsoft as to the future of this great product.

Microsoft bought iView Media Pro and rebranded it as Expressions Media. They add a feature new features and a few new bugs. Now it looks to be end of life for iView. Hey iView team. Buy it back and photographers will continue to support you.

Now with Snow Leopard being release this Friday does Expressions Media run well?

Here’s a interesting thread on Microsofts forums:

Peter Krogh talks about Expressions Media recently on the Podcast “Martini Hour” with Deke McClelland and Colleen Wheeler here:

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calibrate your MacBook or MBP battery

Apple is replacing my defective battery under applecare. Awesome! That saves me $129.00. I found out it’s a good idea to calibrate your battery on a regular basis.

Here are the steps straight from Apple.

1. Run the computer on battery power until you get the low level warning.

2. Let the computer shut the display off on its own, it will then start to run on reserve power.

3. Close the lid and let it sit for four or five hours until the sleep indicator light that flashes goes off. It is now completely dead.

4. Plug it in and charge it fully until the light on the adapter goes green. Do not use the computer when charging fully for calibration.

5. Calibration is complete when light on adapter goes green.

-Do this every other month, or every month if the computer is rarely taken off the charger.

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