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calibrate your MacBook or MBP battery

Apple is replacing my defective battery under applecare. Awesome! That saves me $129.00. I found out it’s a good idea to calibrate your battery on a regular basis.

Here are the steps straight from Apple.

1. Run the computer on battery power until you get the low level warning.

2. Let the computer shut the display off on its own, it will then start to run on reserve power.

3. Close the lid and let it sit for four or five hours until the sleep indicator light that flashes goes off. It is now completely dead.

4. Plug it in and charge it fully until the light on the adapter goes green. Do not use the computer when charging fully for calibration.

5. Calibration is complete when light on adapter goes green.

-Do this every other month, or every month if the computer is rarely taken off the charger.

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the vendor client relationship

Has a client ever asked you for a discount?

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swine flu

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda

Well I guess this isn’t a new strain.

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